How To Write An Assignment – Review

Nowadays, writing assignment is a daily task in school and colleges. But the fact is that, most of the students are not aware about how to write an assignment in actual format. Parents and teachers must have awareness about this scenario. Writing assignment is not only for student’s academic purpose, writing assignment is a stepping stone to professional writing or critical thinking. It is the responsibility of teachers to correct all the errors while writing assignments.
Most important factor that must notice while writing an assignment is structure. Structure should contain introduction, conclusion and reference. Before start to write an assignment, it is the good idea to create an outline about your topic. Outline should include the main point. Creation of outline saves your time, and helps you to organize ideas and also give confidence to complete your task. Introduction is the starting section of assignment. Here you can include your main points with a brief description.  Use of examples, bullet and numbering, word count, inclusion of tables and figures are the good way of writing assignments. Conclusion is the final task to impress the teachers and university. Make conclusion powerful. Summarize main points and aims.

 Critical thinking is an important tips while writing an assignment and continuity of ideas is also an important matter. According to academic standards, assignment should be in impersonal language. For example, use of I and You should be avoided. Describe each topic using examples. It will give more clearness to reader. As I said earlier, before writing assignment, you should make a clear plan and prepare well for that. Collect requirements according to your topic. After gathering information, keep the records neatly. If you follow all these tips then you can write a standard assignment within a given time.

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